Tuesday, April 23, 2013

All Work and No Play.....Makes Jack a Dull Boy

We all know the truth in this little proverb. But I was still unable to do as Holley Gerth encouraged us this week and take time to play. It is crunch time and with all the rain that my area is receiving, I have to make sure that every bit of decent weather is spent working to get the horses moved to their new place. I am sure that Holley would understand as she has probably faced deadlines before herself.

So, instead of telling you all about my weekend of hard work, I will show you what I want to accomplish someday with my horse, when I again have time to play, and why I keep hanging on so fiercely to keep these wonderful animals. Hope you enjoy the video!

Maybe I will post a video showing where we are starting and then post another at the end of the fall, when I have had plenty of time to play with Brego (that is my boy's name) for you all to see the progress we have made as we will be basically starting at square one this spring! ;)


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